Friday, November 14, 2008

Am I a Senior Citizen Already???

I am NOT at all happy about a couple of things I received in the mail last week! First, a copy of AARP Magazine addressed to ME! Then, the next day I received an "application" for my AARP MEMBERSHIP CARD!
WHAT??? I'm not even 50 yet! I called my 50-something sister to vent my outrage and all she did was laugh uproariously. (My son could hear it from across the room.)
I mentioned it to a couple of other "retired persons" and they both said the exact same thing, "Well, you get a discount on hotels." AARP will have to come up with something more enticing than THAT to get my early sign-up. How about a free fan for my hot-flashes! ;)

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aireym said...

Rosie, Darlin',
How are you? I feel for you. We're all aging...some parts faster than others.
It's been a while since I've been a blogger but I think this is the way I have to get a hold of you now...?
Of course AARP is going to be courting a gorgeous lady like you. They'll probably be putting your pix on all their ads.
My baby sister says we should "lie up" anyway instead of "lying down" when giving our ages. Then we may get reactions like, "Wow! Really you're 65? You look great!" Haven't tried it yet though.
Sorry we missed you at Ozarks. Your email went to my spam... Is this how I get a hold of you?