Friday, November 14, 2008

November Blessings

Blessing #1) Work on the cottage continues. Here are my helpers painting the porch. It's getting a little chilly now so the rest of the painting may have to wait for warmer days. I now have an electrician and a plumber lined-up to get the last of the major repairs done. We have to be ready for inspection by January in order to get the construction loan changed to a mortgage. I pray every night that the Lord will work out this time-table! And so far, He has been doing great, by providing me with willing workers!

Blessing #2) Earlier this month we were able to see Sarah Palin at one of the "last-ditch" republican rallies. She is quite a woman.

Blessing #3) Our new niece RACHEL E! Isn't she perfect?

Blessing #4) Another new niece, born 5 days later, RACHEL R! She looks just like her mommy only chubbier!

Here is a photo of the little doll I made for my sister's new baby. I saw one similar on etsy and made my own version of it. The tag reads "I just want to HUG you!" I will not be able to see my new little sweetheart until February! She'll be practically grown!


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

WOW! You got to see Sarah? How amazing!

M ^..^

Shanda said...

Howdy neighbor, thanks for stopping by to say hello. I listed you in my side bar so I can follow along with your renoivations and I thought it would be fun to read a blog that neighbor so close. Good luck with the house and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.