Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Sales! Bring on the Junque!

WooHoo! The sun is shining and it's almost time for Garage Sale season! My spare change is burning a hole in my pocket so I had to get out to the local Thrift Store (that I haven't been to since before Christmas, thank-you very much!) to see what I could find!
Here is a set of 4 vintage ashtrays edged in gold with pretty rosebuds on them. We'll use them as soy sauce trays on sushi nights. I learned this trick from my very clever sister. She uses a beautiful set of crystal ashtrays. The little divet in the edge is perfect for resting your chopsticks. $1 for the set.
A cute souvenier bracelet and unusual Madonna & Child cameo brooch for $1.50.
$3.50 for a lovely vintage floral table cloth.
.60 cents for some great vintage Princess rub-on transfers! I just painted our secretary table white and I think these would look "just right" on the drawers.
My best score today was definitely these vintage greeting cards for $2.00! Click any photo to enlarge.
Here are some close-ups of the sweetest ones!
A mini-card of the puppy in the forefront pulls out completely from behind the gate. He is pulling a wagon full of posies with a tag that says, "For You!"
Look at the adorable illustration inside!
This whimsical thank you card opens up to reveal a paper honeycomb mushroom! Fairyland!
I love this one the best...a petite baby card on see-thru acetate printed in white with birds delivering the little bundle through the clouds. The blanket folds open with the greeting and a tiny chickie inside. It's so delicate...makes me want a new baby to cuddle!
How is your treasure hunting going??


Priscila said...

awwwwwww those are some sweet cards!!! 2 bucks is a good deal! Great job girl! My craft room is alway a mess...just when I clean it up it gets messy again! I will maybe post some peeks into my room just so no one see the whole mess haha


Hi Rosie,
Just LOVE your vintage cards:)Those always call my name and I also like your other treasures. Garage sales start in late April or early May here...just depends on the weather:) SO, that's why I hit the thrift stores and go to estate sales...winter is too long and great deals are calling for me.
Happy Weekend.
Deb :)

Shanda said...

You really hit the jack pot. Love the table cloth, it looks like a really nice one. I wonder why card makers don't get smart and start making new cards with the sweet vintage pictures we love. The flowers on the old cards are divine.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Rosie - I just received the e-mail with your comment when I got on the computer. I am so glad you visited my blog! I am reading ALL of yours because I love it so much. Yes, we certainly DO like the same things! I started with your most current post, and this is how far back I have gotten so far! I am like a woman obsessed when I find a new blog I love, and is seems to be your turn. I hope that you do revisit our blog, too- you may enjoy older posts, as well- there are a LOT of them!