Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tie your apron strings!

Those who know me well, know that I LOVE vintage aprons! I have such a collection that I could open up my own museum...well, maybe not that many...I have been weeding them out. But I do have a couple of favorites that I wear most days.

I bought this sweet one at an estate sale. It is red with white polka-dots and has a sweatheart neckline edged in black ric-rack. This week I used this apron as a pattern to make one for my sweet neighbor, Bobbi Jo. (click on any photo to enlarge.)

I dug around in my vintage tablecloth collection and found some cheerful fabric that would match her disposition (and also her RED kitchen.)

I used extra large red ric-rack around the neckline and added a flouncy ruffle at the bottom. It only took me about 3 hours total to complete. (That's REALLY fast for me because I am NOT a seamstress!) She will look so cute in it, tending to her husband and 5 children!

Lately, we've had some beautiful sunny days that make me believe that Spring is TRUELY on the way! When the weather is like that, I get a hankerin' for being outside, working on furniture.

I've lived with this little brown secretary table now for about 6 years and never liked the color. I dragged it out front, found a can of paint in the basement and started at it. I really like how it turned out. White is so plain and simple and clean.

Sorry the pic is kinda lame with the junk under it but you get the general idea.

Last week I was cruising Craigslist and came across a vintage refriderator...white with pink interior for $25!!!! I immediately borrowed a truck, grabbed my helpers and drove 1 hr north in the rain to pick it up! It is in the cottage now but I don't have any pics yet because it needs to be cleaned up. Bubba said, "It works real good. It was out here in the barn and I only used it for jerky and beer." ;)



Hi Rosie!!
It's grand when we can change something with paint and make it beautiful. The desk looks great in white...I have a few pieces that need to be painted..not this week..rain and cloudy outside.
Good for you, making the nice apron for your friend. My sewing machine has laundry baskets on top of it. When my craft room is every finished...it will have it's own litle spot. I want to make tote bags out of vintage fabric that I have been storing.
Take care.
Deb :)

Josh said...

I love the final quote. I love Missouri. Can't wait to get there.