Saturday, April 25, 2009

Signs of Spring...FINALLY

We've had lots of rain, but finally the sun is shining and people can get out and about. And AT LAST I can put away my turtlenecks! That's just about the only thing I wear all winter-long and since I've been wearing them since OCTOBER I felt I was about to go crazy from not being able to wear my floral skirts and flipflops for OVER HALF THE YEAR! UGh! I think that's the longest I've ever gone wearing winter garb. Yuck. Although it wasn't a severe winter, it was loooong.

I have a hanging plant in the front that still has a fake pink poinsettia plant in it from Christmas.
It has become home to a couple of nesting birds: a Robin and a Wren.
The wrens next goes deep into the moss of the planter and I couldn't get a clear picture of it, but I could see 4 newly hatched babies!
We live on a very windy street and the darned planter constantly spins and swings in the breeze. I don't know how those little birds don't get seasick!

Here is a little "birds nest" I recently picked-up for next to nothing! (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

This beautiful ceramic bird's nest was $1.50. I attached it to this pedestal (candlestick) that I already had, by using a ring of sculpy clay. Now it is firmly attached but I can remove it at any time. The little blue wooden eggs I got at a sale last year.

Beautiful pink conch shell, $1.

Pink and gold framed French print, $2.

The title of it is "The Happy Moment." I think the gentleman must be proposing marriage to the fair maiden who is sitting on a huge rock. But my kids say it's a "happy moment" because he has come to save her from the termite mound she is sitting on!

2 lovely picture frames, $1.50 a piece. One is matted with pale pink velvet ribbon all the way around!

Today it will be a glorious 80 degrees with pure sunshine. We are going over to the Pond to work a little on the cottage. Please pray for me. I need a decent, reliable, CHEAP plumber! I have used up all the funds the bank gave me and still haven't gotten the plumbing done in the cottage. I would have had enough money had I not had a couple of construction workers make off with a few thousand without finishing their work. What is it with people? I'm a very trusting individual but now I'm gun-shy about anybody doing work for me....At least, I've learned my lesson: Don't pay up front and Inspect the work before the final payment! But...I've learned the hard way.
See you soon!

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