Thursday, July 16, 2009

...but does food look good on a PINK plate?

I don't CARE! They are beautiful!

I wasn't gonna stop, but I poked my head into the Thrift Store and what did I find....A BIG box of PINK dinnerware! The tag said $40. The cashier, Cherokee, passed by as I knelt to take a better look in the box and I 1/2 jokingly said, "When's your next 1/2 price sale??" She whispered in my ear, "For you, it's today!" SOLD! So for $20 I got:

9 dinner plates

9 cups

12 saucers

12 bread plates

11 luncheon plates

8 soup bowls

3 cereal bowls

4 napkin rings

They are in excellent condition! I took them right over to the cottage and tucked them away in the cupboard.

Here's a bit of detail on the saucers.

They go great with some of my vintage plates!

Here are a few other goodies I found yesterday:

A stack of 8 vintage metal hostess trays-2.00

Primitive oil painting-1.00

Pensive Jesus - .50
My sister has a similar picture sofa-sized. Mine is a mere 5x7.

Candelabra - 1.00, will probably be sprayed white at some point, but for now, the black is good.

I hit Hobby Lobby and all their home decor stuff was 90% off! I had to RESTRAIN myself! Among other goodies, I bought the two iron picture easels, $1.20 ea and Crown finial for $3. I will use the finial to hang bracelets and necklaces from. Is your HL having the same sale? Get moving and find out!

I wanted to show you a little trick for using your favorite vintage mismatched plates. I've seen this done with glass plates and candlesticks but I like using ceramicware better.

I had this pretty plate and turned it into a "cake"-plate or pedestal tray.

Here are some others I did. I use them for candies, cookies, fruit, etc.

Whenever I hit Salvation Army, I look for interesting ceramic candlesticks and plates that match the color. I use "Household Welder" glue to attach the top and bottom. It's made specifically for glass and ceramics. Let it dry upside down overnight. Then you have a nice little serving plate for less than a buck.

The last thing I wanted to show you was this sweet card made by my friend who invited us to the Tea House. Isn't it pretty?

I'm going on vacation tomorrow so I will see you in a week or so! God's blessings!


Emily said...

I LOVE those hostess plates!!!!!!!!


Kathy said...

My 4 year old daughter said "I want them!". They are beautiful!!! Where do you find such good things??????


Hi Rosie,
What a SCORE on that set of lovely dishes!!! They do go with so many of your other plates. AWESOME!! I've been collecting plates and candle stick holders to do that same cake plate stand :)
I love the Tea know I'm a card maker and always love seeing handmade cards.
Have a wonderful vacation..
Deb :)

villaggioceramics said...

what a wonderful Ceramic Plates...i love them,they are so cute..

~~Carol~~ said...

Just wanted to say Hi! I discovered your blog today, and I love all of your vintage finds, and watching the progress of your cottage!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie,
Oh my goodness, I love your new set of dishes, they will go with so much, I love the way you have mixed and matched them with your other pretty plates. You had a great day of shopping with all of your treasures. I love Hobby Lobby, problem is they are building one like 5 minutes from my house....uh oh!! Have a great week.


Susie's country cottage said...

I have had a nosey around your blog after discovering it through a link and I think it is wonderful. You really have your work cut out restoring your cottage and I should know, I'm doing the same thing. I love all your stuff and that chair you restored in an earlier post - well I'm jealous of that chair. I love the fabric!

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Oh your pink plates!! Be still my heart! Great find and nothing like a great bargain too!