Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to bleach Christmas trees

The chillier weather has prompted me to think about my Christmas projects. I bought these little trees at Hobby Lobby for 99c. They have them in all sizes so it's hard not to go Hog-Wild!
Last year I learned how to bleach sisal bottle brush Christmas trees from Shanda over at Front Porches, then the other day I was reading Karla's blog at Karla's Cottage and saw her beautiful "Tree Farm". Bleaching the trees is so easy.

I simply mixed a solution of bleach and water, approx 1:4 ratio, then dipped the trees. I let them soak until they were the color I wanted. It took about 15 min, maybe a little more for some trees. I just swishled them around every so often.

I took them out and rinsed them well under running water and left them to dry in the dish rack.

They even retained most of their snow flocking. Later, I will glitter them and dye them with Kool-aid.

My little forest under glass! It's so easy! Hope you try it!



Hi Rosie,
THANK YOU...for sharing that...guess I'll be buying a FEW of those trees to bleach and glitter :)
Deb :)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could dip my real tree like that...LOL! I like the way they look under the cake dome.


Susie's country cottage said...

Thank you for this fantastic idea! I have some black trees that I bought about two years ago when black christmas decorations were fashionable and now hate them so I think I will give them a go.

~~Carol~~ said...

I did a few of these last year, but I wanted to dye them, and didn't know how. Kool-Aid, huh? That makes sense! I guess I'll go buy some blue raspberry, so I can have some blue trees! Thanks for the idea!

Connie said...

Ooooh, I DO, I DO, I DO believe in giving junk a 2nd chance, sugar!! Yep! I'm glad you left a comment so I could find you. Nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by and commenting on th' blog, sweet chick!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh my gosh that is brilliant! Thanks for the tip!!!

Wendy said...

This is awesome!! I can't wait to try it. I want to decorate with more white this year and that is perfect! Thank you.

Janean said...

how stinkin' clever are YOU! you have a risky-pioneer spirit. i like that!

Anonymous said...

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! YOU GO DUMPSTER DIVING????!!!!!! Are you broke?! Its called: go to the REAL store!

Anonymous said...

Your Dictionary

'Vintage': something shitty that you found at a thrift store and/or dumpster

'Cottage': a run down, wooden, crap-hole

'Matching-with-style': painting everything white to hide stains and flaws


Anonymous said...

Your Dictionary

'Dumpster Diving': Your way of a "successful shop"