Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

Recently, one of my regular customers at the thrift shop came in. He walked up to the counter and put this old blue box in front of me. I didn't recognize it as something I had put out for sale so I was a little confused. (Sometime I get people coming in trying to sell me stuff but this guy wasn't like that.) I opened the box and this is what was inside:

I was still confused and I said, "What's this for?"
"Well," he said, " I was cleaning out my garage and I knew how you liked old Christmas stuff... so I thought you might like it."

Then I understood he was giving me the boxful of old santas! What? Some people are so kind they leave me almost speechless. "Wow, they are beautiful! Thank you!" was all I could say.

A week or so earlier we had run into each other at a garage sale and he joking said,"You don't have enough junk at your shop so you gotta go garage saling???" I had an armload of Christmas stuff at the time so I had to make confession of my Christmas "problem."

So, THANK YOU to Tim for a wonderful early Christmas gift!

I got another gift from a "stranger" recently. I won a fun giveaway from Priscila over at Casa Bella Chic. (I guess she's not really a stranger, I consider her a blogger friend, although we have never met. ) The package came wrapped in vintage gold wallpaper flocked in white.

Lots of adorable sweetness and ephemera! Thank You, Priscila!! One of the pieces was a cover page off an old dot-to-dots book. Do you see the cute little bear driving the car?

Well, I got out my scissors and hole-punch and went to work.

I couldn't bring myself to cut-up the little bear but I turned most of it into little gift tags:

Now...any suggestions for doing a project that includes the little bear??

"Have a Happy Day!"


Priscila said...

love the gift tags!!! And that man giving you that box of old christmas stuff sweet!!!!!!!!!! :)
If you come down here in november please let me know so we can go to amvets together!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

How wonderful for you! Yes, the kindness of strangers is something special! You are so sweet its no surprise that someone wanted to bless you.

~~Carol~~ said...

Well, this is proof that it's good to let everyone know what you collect! How sweet of that man! Oh, and your tags are adorable!

Donna said...

How very sweet of him! So many beautiful Santas! I love the Christmas goodies you got in the previous post, too - especially those angels! Wow!

I also have to say that I think Yellow was such a smart doggie to have "found" you for his forever home!!


junkdreams said...

What wonderful sweet to receive all the vintage santas. I love them.
Happy day.

!!The Obnoxious SAHM!! said...

i love that you are into Christmas. we are HUGE Christmas enthusiasts and I have a massive collection of Santas. ;0)