Friday, April 23, 2010

God Bless Rachel Ashwell!

Sometimes LIFE happens and you have to step out of the Blogosphere for awhile! Well, things here have calmed down a bit and I am back in the saddle. The kid's performance, "Around the World in 80 Days," consumed my life for just about that long, then Mom came for a visit, then sister came for a visit, and NOW.....aaahhhh....back to my blogging friends! I've missed you!
I've finally had some time to catch up on reading some of your blogs and I am inspired by you! You've had some great garage sale finds and are doing some fun travelling!
While my sister was here visiting from San Diego last week, we hit every thrift store within a 50 mile radius. It turned out to be a KILLER Shabby Chic Week for me!

I got these 2 SC books and 1 Mary Englebreit book for .25 cents each!
Do you see the bedspread beneath the books??? We just switched from a Queen size to a King and I have been wanting a Rachel Ashwell spread but didn't have the $100 asking price at Target.

Well looky-looky what I found at the Thrift Store. Simply Shabby Chic spread, in a KING size, even! (Hold on to your hats, girls...) $10.00! I was in dreamland!
Getting home from our travels that day, my sister found my new Romantic Homes magazine in the mailbox. Thumbing through it, she said, "Hey, Banana (that's what she calls me....) Here's your new bed spread on page 10." Style-validation is just sooo sweet.

Ever since we got our new King bed, I've been looking for a headboard. I'd love a nice white 4-poster but our room is small, even tinier since we shoved the King in there. So I needed something that wouldn't take-up alot of space. I asked the lady at one Thrift Store if she had any King headboards. "Ya, in the back we've got one." She led me to a boring 1970's wooden model, but in the opposite corner of the warehouse was a great tufted one! "Hey, what about that one?" but was it a King???? YES! Oh, lucky day!

My sister may be the "Line Jinx" (do NOT get in line behind her at the check-out!) but she sure was my thrift store CHARM last week! The headboard was short enought to fit under the window and just the perfect length. There are two buttons missing but for $20 (I left the frame behind) I can live with a couple of replacements.
(Sorry my pics are so dark! )
Here is a picture of my new spread with the Ralph Lauren dust ruffle I got last month at Marshall's for $5. They are a great match.
Another day we were at Salvation Army and I happend upon a bagful of red velvet strawberries, like the kind that hang off of a pin cushion. I bought them all for a buck fifty. That night while reading one of my Ashwell books, there it was, more affirmation....

I've always loved vintage style but it was never really defined until Ms. Ashwell brought it to light. I am so thankful for Rachel Ashwell and the beauty she brings to so many of us.
God Bless Rachel Ashwell!


Connie said...

Maaaaan, you've been gone for a loooong while, sugar! Good thing you came back. OOOOOH, don't you just looove her look?! I do. I try to make my home as shabby chic, romantic, ME(!) as I can get it. All pink and froufrou-y. Your pix of the flowers are lovely, chick..... welcome back.


HEY ROSIE!!!!!!!!

I have Missed YOU!!! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

AWESOME finds! It's something how God provides the treasures we are seeking! Your new bedspread and head board are perfect. Love the BOOKS and strawberry pincushions are darling! Wanna send your sister my way?! I need a headboard.

Have a great weekend and I hope you find more treasures!
Deb :) said...

That is sooooo lucky!!


Wow you found some great stuff, I love the tufted headboard and I have the same quilt but unfortunatly I paid the full price. Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit (;

Anonymous said...

Oh my Rosie...I cannot believe that headboard!! It's perfect! I have a tufted headboard and I love it but I certainly paid more than $20!! I am thrilled you found your quilt. God knew just where to send you that day for sure.


Kathy said...

I missed reading your blog, glad you came back to us! I still can't believe the things you find. I'm still looking for my bedspread!!!! Can't wait to see your next post.....