Friday, April 30, 2010

Rummage Sale Christmas Finds

In my area we don't have Estate Sales or Tag Sales. We get your basic Yard Sales and Garage Sales. But my very most favorite sale is the Church Rummage Sale!
I have this theory that lots of older people attend church so, when they donate their "rummage" for the sale, it's good OLD stuff! Plus, with that many people to draw from there's bound to be a great variety of stuff!

One of the best Church Sales in our area is at Faith Church once a year. Their ENTIRE gymnasium is COVERED with goodies! I look forward to this sale all year. I was there bright and early yesterday, and although I didn't score as big as I did last year, it was still a great sale.
This sweet lady, Margaret, helps keep this sale running smoothly!
Here are some of my treasures:
I got a kitschy old Santa tree skirt, some vintage toys and books, a nice wire basket...

Cute little Napco girlies for Christmas crafts ($1 each)...

YARDS AND YARDS of old mercury glass garland for $2!
I also bought an old twin bed frame and some wrought iron garden chairs that will be a project to share with you later.
On the way home I had to stop at the Salvation Army just for grins.

I found this unusual little trinket box for a buck. It's got a big rhinestone drawer-pull and the whole thing opens up like so:

Neat, huh?
Well I have to share another "trash" story with you. I know some of you are really put-off with finding things in the trash but please understand that I do not go digging around in it. There is some kind of "Whimsey" that follows me around and places things within my plain view for me to just FIND! Case in point:
DH and I are driving through our neighborhood on our way out of town. At 30mph, I see a glint of flashy sparkle out of the corner of my eye and instinctively say, "ORNAMENTS! Back UP!" DH is used to these sudden outbursts so he dutifully stops and kicks it into reverse. There, on the grass, were two boxes of Christmas sparkle ready to go out with trash.

Oh. Did I mention they were Shiny Brites, including 5 INDENTS????

Yep, it's true. One man's trash is one lucky woman's treasure!


Connie said...

You got quite a stash, sugar! How come I don't have you on my Google Reader? Well, I going to go change that and add you posthaste, chick. Thank you for stopping by and reminding how remiss I've been. ;-)

Emily said...

Great finds! I found a similar jewelry box on my trip to St. Louis. I'll be posting a picture of it soon. I like yours a bit better than mine, with the rhinestones and all. Plus my doesn't have a mirror on the inside. ;) Right now, I am using mine to hold all my every day jewelry that I wear the most. It is working out wonderfully.


Hey Rosie!
Thanks for visisting me and I will take some B&F pictures of the furniture that I will (someday) paint!
Great finds! I'm loving church sales too! Sweet little figurines and I DO stop and pick up curbside fact yesterday! I got 2 trellis.
Always love visiting you and seeing what you have been up to!
Deb :)

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

WhoooHOOOOO! Fab finds, girl!

Kathy said...

Rosie, such great finds! My Mother has that jewlrey box (I'll have to see if it's still there!). Why would anyone throw away those ornaments? People are crazy. Have a great week!

nick said...

I was at a sale like this at our local theater! I found a cheese plate and its glass dome.