Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dressing up for Cocktails

Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding my doggie's death. We are doing fine but really miss her. One of our other dogs ("Pudd", as in Pudding) looks just like her and I have to keep catching myself from thinking it's Kelsey when I look out the window and see her.

I just wanted to add another Apron item...I know, you're probably sick of aprons but I'll make it short:

I found these tiny little aprons at a garage sale! They would fit a chihuahua if it would fit over his noggin! Anyway, I brought them home and dressed up my evening libations. I showed the cuteness to my friend and she wrinkled-up her nose and said, "THAT'S not what they're for!"

Appearently they are to dress up your dish-soap bottle. Hmph. My idea is so much more fun and it isn't tainted by the thought of housework!


Connie said...

I read the tribute to your sweet dog and just about cried my eyes out, sugar. I was the one who had to put our dog down many years ago and hubby came home and just bawled. I told him I can never ever do that again and until he can do it, I'm not getting another dog. He just can't do it.

What a sweet tribute to your pup, sweetpea...



I remember those for the dishsoap bottles...I like your idea much better!!!
deb :)

Kathy said...

Rosie, Yea... I think your idea is MUCH better! Hahaha... Maybe after you finish of the bottle of wine you won't mind doing the dishes (or leaving them until morning!). Have a great weekend, Kathy