Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can I just say, "It's HOT?!"

I guess I should have brought in my candles from the wall sconce out back! Sheesh! It's so hot I can see the BIRDS panting!

There are some crazy people who still hold garage sales in 100+ degrees and being crazy myself, I'll stop if I'm out but I'm not going out on purpose...unless its to the air-conditioned thrift store...Here are a few recent finds:

Check out this Quinceanera crown and matching scepter! I hit this garage sale in the AM before work and drooled all over this set but didn't buy it. When I stopped again after work, it was still there and I knew it MUST be mine!

I put it on as soon as I got in the van and waved out the window like Queen Elizabeth all the way home.

I also got this tiny little crown at the same sale.

I'm using it to glitz-up my new little glass lamp from Salvation Army.

Once a year my neighbor takes me to her friends AWESOME sale that is in an old turkey barn. I got this adorable baby picture for $3.

Here are some more thrifting & G-sale finds: patina'd old clock, 2 pretty boxes and some glass knobs on clearance, 4 for $5, at Mega-Marshalls. Mega-Marshalls is like HomeGoods only HUGE.

But this was my luckiest find at Salvation Army yesterday. An old Steiff dalmation doggy! I'd love to tell you what I paid for him (CHEEP CHEEP) but I'm listing him on Ebay today and don't want to discourage any buyers.

The heat advisory that started last week is now extended through this weekend! Hope you are all finding nice ways to keep cool...like wandering around in a cool thrift store for 2 hours like I did!



BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hey Rosie!

UGH! We've got that same weather here too. The humidity is the worst part. You could cut it with a knife. yikes!

How old is that dog you're selling? How do you know it's a Steiff? When it comes to stuffed animals, I don't know how to tell old and valuable vs just old and grungy!


Kathy said...

Rosie, Now that's hot! We have been staying inside but the a/c just can't keep up. I love all your finds.
Have a wonderful week,

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Rosie,
Boy..Imissed another pos! I'm sorry!
LOVE the crown with the number 15 on it! Very cool!
What is your ebay name so I can see what treasures you have for sale!
Poor candle!
Hope it's cooled off and you are having a nice summer!
deb :)