Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Ridiculously Simple Seashell Project

I got these really cute curved glass portraits of children praying at the Thrift Store for a buck apiece. I had been looking for some shells to frame them with but couldn't find the right size. 

On my last visit to San Diego, I went to see Debi Beard who owns "Out of the Blue." It is a fantastic shop in Solana Beach (but come to think of it, she has recently changed the name of her shop but I can't remember what it is!) She has a talent for making gorgeous embellishments with seashells. Anyway, I just knew she would have what I needed. 

Debi had the perfect sized shells for me. I used some vintage crepe paper and seam binding too. The block letters I'd recently gotten at a g'sale.
Thanks for helping me out, Debi! 

You can see Debi's latest creation, her blingy starfish chandelier and learn how to make your own with her how-to videos!

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