Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Thrifting Treasures

NO BAD LUCK for me today! It turned out to be a banner day for sales on Friday the 13th. Good thing since I got up at the crack of dawn, sacrificing all that sleep!

Got two beautiful trays by Ole Larsen to hang in the guest bedroom. They will go perfectly in there with all my other dog portraits. Also got a large lace tablecloth to replace the one I accidently sold at my last sale. Argh.

This old child's rocker was definitely my best score today! I've got some vintage fabric that I will make a cushion with to get it ready for the next Re-inVintage Fair. Also picked up a silver pitcher for flowers and a very ratty but vintage metal basketweave handbag that will look cute with some inpatiens growing out of it. And, of course, a little Christmas bling that I can NEVER pass up!

Got this adorable child's rug made in Belgium, like new, colors bright and cheery! $2!

The TIKI bag is old and the perfect size for file folders! But I'm still "smarting" from the $4 price I paid. You know me, if  it's not a quarter it better darn well be something I LOVE!

This Gingham Dog and Calico Kitty are a sugar and creamer I think, but the doggy only has a tiny hole on the top of his head. Maybe you just shake the sugar out? But the price was right so I brought them home. Also a cast aluminum magazine rack.

CHECK OUT THIS ENID COLLINS BAG!!! This is a previous thrift store find but I just had to share it today! It has never been used, it is pristine inside and out except for a few missing smallest rhinestones. Everything else is perfect! I believe she will be going on Ebay. I don't usually tell my buying price when I list there but I can't help myself.  She was only $6.

Here is a Child of Prague that I have been looking a long time for. I love catholic icons. He was only a couple of dollars because he is missing his very important fingers for giving the 2-fingered blessing (not to be confused with the 1-finger wave.) But you wouldn't believe how handy I am with sculpey. I'll be getting that blessing in no time.

I got this rosey carnival glass pitcher at the same Salvation Army that I got the Enid Collins purse. Also in perfect condition. It was something crazy like 3$! Cheap!

Sweet "gloved hand" clip holder. Don't know what it's supposed to hold, maybe notes? But its so cute.

This yarn daisy afghan came into my shop (I run the thrift store that supports the local food pantry) and I claimed it  before the donor even set it down! It's in great condition and looks so pretty over the back of my white sofa.

Hope you're coming up with some great finds too!


pastor pete said...

horn broke - watch for finger


Hey Rosie,
Nice finds! The cat & puppy ceramics are sweet! Cool dog trays.
It's been quite the week for me..went to ER , twice, passed a kidney stone (reason for ER) and learned yesterday my BFF has liver cancer...

GardenofDaisies said...

The little bear rug is adorable! And I love your Enid bag!!!!