Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Easter Crafting

Well, I finally found a little time to get my Easter crafting on.  I WANT to craft for DAYS but often only find a block of 3-4 hrs per month! (very sad face)

Here is the sweetest spun cotton birdie keeping her eggs warm.

Ballerina bunny being adored by a fuzzy chick.

Kinda boring green bunny. I used vintage jello mold tins, (or whatever they were used for) for the basket bottoms. You've probably seen it all over pinterest too.

This one was fun to make. You can't see it very well in this pic but the bunny is dancing for 3 chicks who are spellbound by the performance! (oooooo! aaaaahhh!)

Another bunny in a tutu with her chick pals.

Blue bunny and chicks. I used peat moss from hobby lobby to give it a more "real" feel. 

I like this simple one. Two pals and a couple of eggs. I love that the bunny has pink eyes. 
I'm working on some chenille bunny pins styled after a vintage one that I found on ebay. Pics soon. 
Happy Springtime!! It's finally coming! :)

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They are so CUTE!!! The dancing bunnys make me smile.