Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Santa Sale part 2! 12/15/15

I don't know if y'all remember this incredible SANTA garage sale that I hit last year.

 Nothing but vintage Santa's and Christmas everywhere!

Well, they had it again and this time the prices were so good, I could afford just about anything. This box above was filled with POUNDS of Gurley, Tavern and misc. candles. They were asking 25c each so i was picking out the good ones and the lady came up to me and said, "You can have the whole box for $5." Heck ya! Throw it on my pile! There were about 45 Gurleys in varying sizes, all unburned.

These are Santas I could not afford at the last sale. Today they were 2 for $5. "Just fill up my box."

Lots of bags of smalls for wreath crafting. I bought both of those two squeaks in the background.I also bought about 25 small plastic Rosbro Santa and Snowman candy containers. 

Ceramic S & P shakers. I bought a bunch (not all) for diorama crafting.

Here's my haul.

There were also some vintage childs items, books, decor and some vintage Easter too.

I told the guy to call me next time and I would gladly take this stuff off his hands. He said OK and kept my number.

Hope your Christmas thrifting is going just as well! Merry Christmas! 
love, rosie

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vintage C & H Sugar Thanksgiving Store Display 1960s

My friend came into the shop a few weeks ago and said, "I'm cleaning out  my basement and found something that might be good for your window display."

She dragged in one of these adorable vintage grocery store displays!

I was smitten in an instant and said, "Uh, that needs to go to my house! I want them all!" and I went to her car and put them all directly in my van! They didn't even get a chance to be displayed at the shop! 

I think they were meant to be hung from the ceiling because the graphics are on both sides and there is a hole at the top for hanging. They are die-cut all the way around the perimeter of the children so that the children could be turned at a right angle to the teepee. That way when it was hung, it could be seen from all angles as it spun in the air. (Does that make sense?)

These are about 6' feet tall with the top attached so they would have made a huge statement hung from the ceiling down the baking aisle at the store along with those ginormous honeycomb pumpkins

The colors are so bright and cheerful!
And the graphics of the children are adorable,
 even if they aren't politically correct in today's world.

The artwork is very familiar to me, like it was possibly done by someone who also worked for Hallmark Cards back in the day. It almost has a Pete Hawley vibe, but not quite exactly.

My friend had stored them in her basement for years and there is some water damage to all of them. :(

These are the separate little pieces that get stuck to the top of each Teepee, like sticks coming out.

Here is where the advertising logo was placed. 

If anyone can identify the artist, I would be thrilled to know. Not sure how I will display these. I may cut away the damaged teepees and just hang the pilgrims and indians. Any suggestions??

Friday, October 16, 2015

The GREAT (Honeycomb) Pumpkin! 10/16/15

Check out the size of THIS baby! My friend came into the shop with some incredible donations. All vintage Thanksgiving 1960's grocery store displays for C&H Pure Cane Sugar. 

She had 3 of these ginormous honeycomb pumpkins! As you can see, one takes up most of the space on my loveseat. She also gave me some displays with adorable graphics of kids dressed up in Indian/Pilgrim outfits.  I'm still trying to ID the artist and do a little more research on them. They kinda have a Pete Hawley vibe.

Here are a few more treasures that came into the shop. 

Large Beistle halloween in excellent condition! 

Original price tag of .25c! I love when that's still on there!!

Here's a pic of my current Halloween shelves. I kinda just threw it together because I didn't have much time but I like it. (I'm prepping for a dinner party tonight). 

Here's a pic from last night with my glowing blowmolds and spooking ghost lighting up the window. I made that ghost last year from an old sheer curtain from the thrift store. I just laid it on the floor, free-handed the shape with a pencil, cut it out and taped it to the window! Super simple! Its even ghostly in the daylight! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time for our Re-inVintage Fair! 10/08/15

Last weekend we held our 5th Re-inVintage Fair at Julia Price's Tea Room! It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We could not have asked for better weather. 
My friend Janice owns a beautiful old victorian house. It is used for parties, bridal and baby showers and luncheons. But once or twice a year, we through our treasures in the yard and have a sale. ;)

These lovely folded books are made by Ella Mae.

We had a little bit of everything.

Chrome table.

Vintage childrens items.

Lots of French Provincial things.

Handmade signs and pillows.

I sold a few of my Christmas crafts but can't wait to find time to work on some more!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A $3 metal dollhouse 09/24/15

I got this great 50's-60's tin doll house a couple weeks ago. 

It has beautiful graphics!

Just look at that nursery! 

Big graphics on the floor. 

Ducks and bunnies on the walls.

And did I mention the price??

Dining room with sweet washing maids on the cupboard doors.

And an oriel peeping in the window.

Vintage radio, phone and clock.

Yellow bathroom that I wish was pink, of course.

Master bedroom.

This is the kitchen decorated in orange...

but I'll bet it was originally red and has faded. 

My Hubs would love this room in his favorite color...

golf course green.

Detail of a "hooked" rug in the bedroom.

Inviting front door. (Excuse the weeds.)

Pretty bushes (more weeds, mower must be broken.)

Upstairs patio.

And a faithful family pet enjoying the sunshine outside. :)