Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can I just say, "It's HOT?!"

I guess I should have brought in my candles from the wall sconce out back! Sheesh! It's so hot I can see the BIRDS panting!

There are some crazy people who still hold garage sales in 100+ degrees and being crazy myself, I'll stop if I'm out but I'm not going out on purpose...unless its to the air-conditioned thrift store...Here are a few recent finds:

Check out this Quinceanera crown and matching scepter! I hit this garage sale in the AM before work and drooled all over this set but didn't buy it. When I stopped again after work, it was still there and I knew it MUST be mine!

I put it on as soon as I got in the van and waved out the window like Queen Elizabeth all the way home.

I also got this tiny little crown at the same sale.

I'm using it to glitz-up my new little glass lamp from Salvation Army.

Once a year my neighbor takes me to her friends AWESOME sale that is in an old turkey barn. I got this adorable baby picture for $3.

Here are some more thrifting & G-sale finds: patina'd old clock, 2 pretty boxes and some glass knobs on clearance, 4 for $5, at Mega-Marshalls. Mega-Marshalls is like HomeGoods only HUGE.

But this was my luckiest find at Salvation Army yesterday. An old Steiff dalmation doggy! I'd love to tell you what I paid for him (CHEEP CHEEP) but I'm listing him on Ebay today and don't want to discourage any buyers.

The heat advisory that started last week is now extended through this weekend! Hope you are all finding nice ways to keep cool...like wandering around in a cool thrift store for 2 hours like I did!


Friday, July 15, 2011

The Re-InVintage Fair

Last month I was invited to be a part of the 1st ever Re-InVintage Fair in Missouri. It was soooo fun! I had been wanting an avenue in which to sell all my great re-furbished finds and this fair just landed in my lap!

My neighbor handed me a flyer and said,"This is right up your alley!" I called the number and Janice was kind enough to invite me to participate! Janice owns "Julia Price's Tea Room", a beautiful victorian home here in town. She had a great vision for an outdoor affair and it was a BIG success!

There were about 12 vendors and Janice hopes to have more as time goes on. Thoughts are that there may be another Fair in the fall when we have our annual Turkey Festival.

Here is a refurbished wicker set that sold before I even got it all out of the truck! I reupholstered it in vintage fabric and trim then added vintage pillows in ticking and velvet.

A fabulous lunch was served inside the tea house! (Sorry I forgot to take pics!) Janice prepares a wonderful fruited chicken salad on fresh croissants. MMMMM! Bon-bons and sweets round out the menu.

My daughter makes these sparkling necklaces out of vintage buttons!

A collection of Pie Birds.

Lots of shabby furniture for sale.

Some of my vintage linens for sale.

Picking out aprons...

We had a really nice weekend even though the temps were 90's!

Most of these pics were taken of only my booth so go here to see more of what some other vendors had to offer!

Can't wait til next time!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh, Lolli Lolli!

Over the Independence weekend we took a short trip to St. Louis. While stolling the streets of Clayton we happened upon the *SWEETEST* little candy shop!

"Oh Lolli Lolli" is not only a feast for your tastebuds...It is also a feast for your eyes! One whole wall is covered in a rainbow of candy-filled jars!

The turquoise painted walls and pink details were enough to draw me in! I was like...well...a kid in a candy store! Colors and flavors GALORE!

You can buy candy by the pound or by the piece. Soft Gummy Bears in all flavors...the jar of Grape flavored ones was almost empty. Must be a best seller! They sell freshly made chocolates including CUPCAKE-sized Peanut Butter Cups! (sorry, I didn't get a pic.)

A kid with a dollar could walk out with a white paper bag full of goodies. I had the FRESHEST malted milk balls I have ever tasted. They even have iridescent pearlized Sixlets in pastel colors. They get wedding orders for these and I can see why! They are lovely. If you happen to find yourself in Clayton you should really treat yourself to a stop at "Oh, Lolli Lolli", 802 De Mun Ave.