Friday, June 29, 2012

Turkey Barn Sale

When the temperature gets this hot all you wanna do is sleep!

Or at least try to find a cool spot to rest!

It's almost too hot for garage sale-ing! But no sweltering heat can keep me away from the Turkey Barn!

My bestest friend Bobbi Jo always alerts me when it's time for her pal, Elva, to open up her turkey barn!

Every summer for one weekend Elva, along with her daughters and grandkids, swings wide the doors to a junkers paradise.

I'm not sure how long the old building is, but Elva tells how it was the longest turkey barn of its kind when her husband built it over 50 years ago.

Three loooong aisles of treasures!

One of her granddaughters has already called dibs on the place for her wedding reception...and she isn't even going steady yet! :)

But when the sun heats up the cool morning hours, its time to take home the treasures and rest up for the next outing.

Hope you're finding lots of goodies this summer.