Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vintage Santa garage sale part 2!

I don't know if y'all remember this incredible SANTA garage sale that I hit last year.

 Nothing but vintage Santa's and Christmas everywhere!

Well, they had it again and this time the prices were so good, I could afford just about anything. This box above was filled with POUNDS of Gurley, Tavern and misc. candles. They were asking 25c each so i was picking out the good ones and the lady came up to me and said, "You can have the whole box for $5." Heck ya! Throw it on my pile! There were about 45 Gurleys in varying sizes, all unburned.

These are Santas I could not afford at the last sale. Today they were 2 for $5. "Yes,please. Just fill up the box."

Lots of bags of smalls for wreath crafting. I bought both of those two squeaks in the background.I also bought about 25 small plastic Rosbro Santa and Snowman candy containers. 

Ceramic S & P shakers. I bought a bunch (not all) for diorama crafting.

Here's my haul.

There were also some vintage childs items, books, decor and some vintage Easter too.

I told the guy to call me next time and I would gladly take this stuff off his hands. He said OK and kept my number.

Hope your Christmas thrifting is going just as well! Merry Christmas! 
love, rosie