Sunday, April 19, 2015

Holiday thrifting!

Over Easter I went a-travelin' to the west, namely to Nevada and California to visit my family. 
We always go thrifting because, well, that's the kind of family I have. 
(Lucky for ME! They raised me right!)  :) 

First stop was Goodwill in Carson City. 
That's my 86 yr old mom and her 89 yr old sister Eileen ten steps ahead of her because she didn't want us cutting in on any of her deals! LOL
Incidentally, my aunt Eileen and uncle Paul celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary in January. Yep, you read that right...SEVENTY-SECOND!

Here is my aunt, yucking it up while my mom tries on clothes. 
My mom has been known to try-on just about anything for a laugh. 

Case in point.

I found some great little golden books and other graphics. A Heidi Pocket doll LP with an adorable photo on the cover. A framed print by Betsey Wilcox Smith. A vintage Disney book.

And this sweet thing that I intend to give to my co-worker named "Jeannie!"

The next Thrift had this incredible Easter display. Nothing but Easter stuff in those black shelves!

I found a bunch of repro victorian Easter cards for about .12 cents each.

Cute graphics all sprinkled with glitter! I love pictures of animals doing "people" things!

I also found these Valentine cupids and devils. They blink and rock side to side with solar power. They were all in a bag for $2.

Also found a few more Easter things...I know I'm posting this after the fact, but it was before Easter when I found all these goodies a few weeks ago. ;)

Love this Lefton Ceramic egg!

2 enamel pins to add to my collection.

This is the sweetest vintage squeeky toy bunny! I NEVER find vintage squeekies! 

And this ball...don't know why I bought it but those polka dots suuuucked me in.
 I'm thinking about setting it in my garden like a gazing ball but it's huge. 
 Hmmmm, not sure yet.

We hit a garage sale in a trailer park. We don't usually do that but the sign said "Craft stuff" so I talked the girls into going.

I'm glad I did because they had LOTS of Christmas stuff.
 I bought a bunch of vintage ornaments still in the packages. .25 cents each!

Look at all these KNEE HUGGERS!

Here's a bottle brush tree, a vinyl Santa door cover, a mini mug,
 a weird Japan angel and a couple of ornaments.
 I also got lots of bells for crafting, some sugared with mercury glass clangers.

This stocking ornament is made of cheepo plastic but is labeled JAPAN so its old.
 I was drawn to the two little dancing elves...they reminded me of the elves in Rankin-Bass' "Rudolph" show from the 60's. 
("Hermie doesn't LIKE to make toys!")

And last is this creepy Santa pin with green rhinestone eyes and mean eyebrows! I've already worn him to one even bothers to ask anymore! Ha! 

Well, thanks for sticking with me through this loooong post! I have even more to show you but we'll save it for next time! Happy Hunting!!!