Friday, October 16, 2015

The GREAT (Honeycomb) Pumpkin!

Check out the size of THIS baby! My friend came into the shop with some incredible donations. All vintage Thanksgiving 1960's grocery store displays for C&H Pure Cane Sugar. 

She had 3 of these ginormous honeycomb pumpkins! As you can see, one takes up most of the space on my loveseat. She also gave me some displays with adorable graphics of kids dressed up in Indian/Pilgrim outfits. (Will show in a later post.) I'm still trying to ID the artist and do a little more research on them. They kinda have a Pete Hawley vibe.

Here are a few more treasures that came into the shop. 

Large Beistle halloween in excellent condition! 

Original price tag of .25c! I love when that's still on there!!

Here's a pic of my current Halloween shelves. I kinda just threw it together because I didn't have much time but I like it. (I'm prepping for a dinner party tonight). 

Here's a pic from last night with my glowing blowmolds and spooking ghost lighting up the window. I made that ghost last year from an old sheer curtain from the thrift store. I just laid it on the floor, free-handed the shape with a pencil, cut it out and taped it to the window! Super simple! Its even ghostly in the daylight! 

love rosie

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time for our Re-inVintage Fair!

Last weekend we held our 5th Re-inVintage Fair at Julia Price's Tea Room! It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We could not have asked for better weather. 
My friend Janice owns a beautiful old victorian house. It is used for parties, bridal and baby showers and luncheons. But once or twice a year, we through our treasures in the yard and have a sale. ;)

These lovely folded books are made by Ella Mae.

We had a little bit of everything.

Chrome table.

Vintage childrens items.

Lots of French Provincial things.

Handmade signs and pillows.

I sold a few of my Christmas crafts but can't wait to find time to work on some more!!