Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just a couple more stories...

I had a couple of undersized paintings that I kept swapping out on this main wall in my living room, but I have always felt that the wall needed something with more "weight" to it. Well, lookie here! An entire gallery of floral prints from the 40's, 50's & 60's! I got six of them at one garage sale last month for $5 and got the two on the far left today at another sale for .50 ea. It's a lovely "floral arrangement" for $6.

Now check out this "freebie" I got curbside. Its a 6.5 ft white Christmas tree, pre-lit, like new and still in its original box! It was amongst other junk and furniture ready for trash pickup. It will go PERFECT in the cottage this Christmas!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Those of you who know me, know that I am CRAZY for garage sales! The following pictures are from the opening weekend of the garage sale season. The buys were incredible. I usually limit myself to $20 max per excursion, unless there is a wonderful big-ticket item that I fall in love with, in which case I'll spend the next couple of week's allotment if I have to. (But then I have to stay home the next couple of weekends! Boo!) Well, the you see in this photo cost me no more than $20 TOTAL and I even came home with a bit of change in my pocket! (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

The priciest piece was the 3-tier what-not shelf at a whopping $5. There are 3 copper buckets that fit in 3 holes on the bottom shelf, for plants I think.

The old market scale was $3, lamp .50, tin toy $1, spool .10.

I got 2 sets of vintage lemonade pitchers with matching glasses for $1.25 each. All the nic-nacks were .05-.25 each.

Vintage golf purse, $1. Pastel cottage painting, .25. Lot of vintage ribbons and hankies, .25.

Awesome leather cowgirl boots (a perfect fit!) $2.00! And a gorgeous, vintage plaid taffeta prom dress with crinoline, .50!

Large paint-by-number hunting scene, .50. Silver-toned floor lamp with marble base, $2. Large silverplate compote, .75. Rusted blue metal childs garden chair, .50.

A week of garage sale-ing with my beautiful mother.....PRICELESS!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What can you buy with a dime?

Remember the 5 & 10 stores of long ago? When I was a kid we called it the "Dime Store." My kids can't believe we used to pay a dime for a candy bar that was NOT just "fun size." I guess their kids will marvel at the thought of the "Dollar Store." Well, in the little town I currently live in, one thin dime can buy lots of sweetness at the local rummage sales!

Like a sweet little vintage chalkware doggie barely 3" long. He is currently curled up on my bathroom shelf!

A dime will also buy you a beautiful 11" blue vase by California Pottery in satin finish with only a tiny fleabite on the lip!

Or how about a lovely vintage valentine still in it's cellophane wrapper?

Or maybe a pink painted candy dish with tarnished guilding? Or a turquoise jewelry dish? And doesn't EVERYONE need a belt and buckle for "MIKE"?

Happy Hunting!~