Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recent finds

Not much time for thrifting or g'saling as the summer winds down. But I recently stopped into one of my fav shops that I've managed to pass by for 4 months... Whenever I do that, I find so many goodies, its almost like they were just saving them up for me to come claim them. Above are some vintage notecards, brand new, 50 cent per box.

A tole style wall hanging $2.

Not a very good photo but this sparkling 3-tier pressed glass plate was $3.

5 vintage ceramic place cards that will be scattered around the house and hold various love-notes written in dry-erase pen to my family.

2 folk art pin cushions. Sooo intricate! and look what they are made out of...

A TIN CAN with the sides all shredded for rolling up into scrollwork! 1$ for 2.

Check out this little china night light. It glows the most perfect shade of pink! $1.50

I picked up this Emil Schmeckenbecher tweety bird for $2. I took it apart and found the clockworks inside were beyond my ability to repair. :( So I put it back together, but before I did, I repainted the faded bird and gave him new plumage. Even though he can no longer sing, he looks more beautiful than ever! My daughter pointed out that I forgot to give him eyes so I'll have to find a couple seed beads for that.

I found this bust of a child at one of the few G'sales I've gone to this summer. Look at the detail in her hair styling.

Doesn't she have the sweetest smile? She had a little flaw that I had to repair with filler . You can see it next to her armpit. All I need to do is cover it with a bit of paint. $3 well spent.

Hope you are able to enjoy the cool spell and get out to some sales this weekend!