Friday, December 16, 2011

Easy Christmas Craft Banner

Here is a really simple Christmas craft for large groups or even just a few kids. Most of my group was elderly so I did all the prep myself to make it easier for them. All they really had to do was glue it all together. And to make that even easier, we used glue dots, so...NO MESS!

To make this easy banner you will need crepe paper, wired ribbon, paper doilies, pipe cleaners, some tape, magnetic strips and packaged letters in die-cut circles. I bought my letters at Hobby Lobby. They are pkgd as Initials so you can get 20 of each letter you need.

Begin by cutting crepe paper into 18"-20" strips

Fold each strip accordian style.

Then fan it out and press flat with the palm of your hand.

Secure it with scotch tape.

Do this for all the strips...

In all the colors you like!

Next you'll need your paper doilies. Mine were about 4" in diameter.

You'll just want to pinch and scrunch it up in the center to give it a little dimension. Then press it flat with the palm of your hand. Glue it to the top of your crepe paper medallion using glue or glue dots.

Next, take your letters and glue them to the center of the doily. I used the word "JOY" because is was more economical that "MERRY CHRISTMAS". (Ha!)

Next, cut your wired ribbon to accommodate the size of your greeting and glue (or "peel and stick") your magnet to the back of one end of the ribbon and cut a notch in the other. I looped the top end to give it a more "finished" look.

There are lots of pretty decorative ribbons out right now to choose from. I chose two: peppy polka dots and stripedy candy cane style. The last thing to do is to twist your pipe cleaner into a bow and glue it to the ribbon along with your finished lettered medallions. I have a metal front door so I hung it "toot-sweet" as soon as it was done!

Hope you try it!