Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back from Vacation!

We had an incredible time at Copper Spur Ranch in McCoy, Co. My sister-in-law's father owns the 500 acre ranch and generously let us have the run of the place for a week.

There were trail rides and hiking...

Trout fishing in the pond with cousins...

Plenty of food....

Bonfires and smores...
Horses, horses and MORE horses!

We even took a morning to make our own camp shirts.

It was a wonderful time with family. Check out Grandma & Grandpa (center) flanked by all the grandchildren! Grandma & Grandpa's kids are peeking through the window above. (One is missing...he is doing mission work in China!)
We had beautiful weather and a relaxing time. I am SOOO blessed to be a part of this family!
Cottage update: I will have an entire weekend to finish wallpapering my bathroom and hope to have photos to share soon. Stay tuned! Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

...but does food look good on a PINK plate?

I don't CARE! They are beautiful!

I wasn't gonna stop, but I poked my head into the Thrift Store and what did I find....A BIG box of PINK dinnerware! The tag said $40. The cashier, Cherokee, passed by as I knelt to take a better look in the box and I 1/2 jokingly said, "When's your next 1/2 price sale??" She whispered in my ear, "For you, it's today!" SOLD! So for $20 I got:

9 dinner plates

9 cups

12 saucers

12 bread plates

11 luncheon plates

8 soup bowls

3 cereal bowls

4 napkin rings

They are in excellent condition! I took them right over to the cottage and tucked them away in the cupboard.

Here's a bit of detail on the saucers.

They go great with some of my vintage plates!

Here are a few other goodies I found yesterday:

A stack of 8 vintage metal hostess trays-2.00

Primitive oil painting-1.00

Pensive Jesus - .50
My sister has a similar picture sofa-sized. Mine is a mere 5x7.

Candelabra - 1.00, will probably be sprayed white at some point, but for now, the black is good.

I hit Hobby Lobby and all their home decor stuff was 90% off! I had to RESTRAIN myself! Among other goodies, I bought the two iron picture easels, $1.20 ea and Crown finial for $3. I will use the finial to hang bracelets and necklaces from. Is your HL having the same sale? Get moving and find out!

I wanted to show you a little trick for using your favorite vintage mismatched plates. I've seen this done with glass plates and candlesticks but I like using ceramicware better.

I had this pretty plate and turned it into a "cake"-plate or pedestal tray.

Here are some others I did. I use them for candies, cookies, fruit, etc.

Whenever I hit Salvation Army, I look for interesting ceramic candlesticks and plates that match the color. I use "Household Welder" glue to attach the top and bottom. It's made specifically for glass and ceramics. Let it dry upside down overnight. Then you have a nice little serving plate for less than a buck.

The last thing I wanted to show you was this sweet card made by my friend who invited us to the Tea House. Isn't it pretty?

I'm going on vacation tomorrow so I will see you in a week or so! God's blessings!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Visit to the Tea Room

This past weekend my friend Cheryl and her daughter invited my daughter and me to accompany them to a local Tea Room. Shady Gables Tea Room & Shoppe has been owned and operated by Reba Starling-Silvey since 2000. Reba has been featured in a couple local magazines and has a great talent for designing rooms.

Shady Gables located in a beautiful old Missouri farm house.

The house is surrounded by lovely gardens.

Sweet little teapot birdhouse!

Inside were lots of little rooms and cubbies for relaxing and sipping tea.

Upstairs was a special room for little princess tea parties, all dressed in pink and purple frou-frou for little girls.
Check out the slip covers on these chairs. They were used throughout and guess what they cover? Ordinary white PVC patio chairs! I asked for the pattern but Reba was on vacation, so I will inquire again later.

Downstairs, there was even a dress-up porch for the BIG girls! Lots of vintage hats, shawls and gloves to choose from.
I told you it was for BIG girls!
Don't our daughters look lovely?
Here we are, in proper attire, at our table. Each seatback was draped with a fur stole for added glamour.
The teahouse boasts hundreds of flavors and many types of teas. We each chose a pot: Blueberry, Lady Grey, Holiday Spice, Italian Amaretto. Notice the little "lemon slice" drip catchers on the spouts. Clever!

Our tray of fresh fruit and petite fours arrived and, believe it our not, was quite filling after a pot of tea!

There was alot to look at and lots of goodies for sale.

We really had a nice day at the Tea Room and will definitely be returning soon! Thanks for inviting us, Cheryl!

On a side note, stop over to see what Priscila's got in the works for a new on-line shop at Casa Bella Chic. She has a talent for decorating and transforming old vintage items into objects of art!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

G-sale bargains

Here are a few items I found on the hunt this past week ...(even though I haven't hit many sales due to INTENSE work at the cottage!)
Check out this vintage "handbag" rotary telephone. Too cool! It works fine and has that nostalgic "ring-a-ling-a-ling." The lady I bought it from worked at the Phone Company for 30 years.

Pretty oil seascape painted by a woman in her 90's. $2.

Here's a mix of goodies...Avon molded soaps $1. Chick S&P shakers $1. Avon "Buckeroo" talc for boys, .10. Funky Homeco gold tree wall hanging, .50.

Ballerina picture with cute Maltese...A STEAL at .10!

This is a very unusual picture that my good friend practically begged me to take off her hands, "I just continue dusting it with no place to put it!" The frame is spectacular and it will go great in the bedroom at the cottage. The tag on the back says "The Secret." The signature on the front says "JPL, 1963." Do you know who this artist is?

Here is a close-up of some detail on the frame. It is gorgeous.

Below is a tiny peek at some of the work we've been up to at the cottage:

I got this little square farm table for $10 and it fits PERFECTLY in the cottage kitchen. The top oak surface is not in the greatest shape but who cares when all you need is a pretty pink vintage tablecloth to disguise it? The legs are painted in the perfect country-cream color and distressed to look old. It came with 4 little stools that don't really match the table but I may paint them all and use them with the table anyway. (Note my painted wood floor.)

I know this is not much, but this room is about finished. A bit more molding and some pillows and I will try to take a better pic with my wide angle.
Last week we pulled up yucky carpet, painted lvgrm floor, finished drywall, put in new bathroom sink and toilet,(the old ones would not work properly...I was especially sad about the vintage sink. It was 100 years old and beautiful...but if it won't function properly, it's not practical) wallpapered laundry room....
I hope to have more pics soon! God is good all the time!