Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you love roses and have a Dollar Tree Store in your area, go check out their stationary selection currently for sale. These three packs of rosey, pink file folders were $1 each and include 3 files in each package. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Notepads, $1.

20 ct. of the prettiest hang tags! $1. (I'm not sure what is in the little train case below.)

2 pk scratch pad and 2 pk grocery list, $1 ea.

8 pk of blank note cards, $1.

Journal/notepad, $1.

8 pack of Thank You cards, $1 ea.

2pk of rose covered votive holders, $1. They came in a clear box wrapped with delicate, sheer pink ribbon. So pretty, I just kept it in the box for several days. As you can see, I use one for Q-tips in the bathroom.

I just wanted to add a pic of this cute little blue birdhouse I picked up. I just liked the pagoda shape and the aqua color. Not sure what I will do with it yet, maybe add some flowers or greenery inside. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rummage Sale Finds

I had a successful weekend at some local church rummage sales. Look at these sweet treasures!

I got 3 vintage (50's-60's) prom dresses that are just swimming in lace, tulle and taffeta! Aren't they gorgeous? A girl would feel like she's dressed in frosting wearing these...that is, if a girl could FIT in them...they are SO TINY in the waist. Each dress was a whopping .50 cents.

I got a baggie-ful of trinkets including Easter Bunny, Santa and Ken-l-ration dog & cat salt and pepper shakers. Plus an intricate black butterfly brooch decorated in jet! 1.00 for all.

I picked up a beautiful vintage hatbox marked $3. It is covered in a petite rose print. I was so enamoured with the box that didn't care what was inside so I didn't bother to look until I got to the car. Four lovely vintage hats! I also got a baggie with these vintage kitchen cabinet drawer pulls. They look like they are from the 30's or 40's.

I got this vintage Hamilton-Beech mixmaster for a buck. Works great. I found the original milk glass bowls to match at our local thrift store for a couple of bucks.

Here is a photo of the SWEET hat box with one of the hats hanging on the edge. In the background is a little boudoir lamp that I purchased for the 1 doz. hanging crystals. If you have to buy them at the antique mall, they charge about a dollar per crystal (Yikes! I've had to do that before!) I was happy to pay .50 for the entire lamp with all those sparkling gems!

But my favorite find was the little shabby white-washed mirror. Little molded roses crown the top arch and each bottom corner (click any photo to enlarge.) But best of all was this incredible note of history, dated April 13, 1977, attached to the back of it. In shaky, old lady writing it says:

" This looking glass was my sweet good Mama's. Was hanging over wash stand where we all wash (sic) there every day on 1136 Jefferson St., our home. We all have sweet memories from our home. It was a happy one. My sweet sister Josephine, brother Oscar and me, Beva, what they all called me. House was torn down to make street. Gladys, be sure & keep it. We didn't have no bathroom them days, but you know we didn't mind a bit. Always had nice clean towels. Bye now. Beva Muckencrumpler (?) Meier"

Too bad for Gladys...I have her treasure now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day!

I hope every Mom had as nice a Mother's Day as I had. I got the only thing I asked for...help demolishing the bathroom at the cottage. I even got some extra helpers...my brother and sister in law. My husband's Mom came along to to keep things light!

Here is my daughter helping to rip out ceiling tiles. Note my new electrical panel! Lights!

My sister in law and brother in law worked hard to pull tiles and remove remaining bathtub framing.

My son and husband were out mowing the lawn and gathering an armful of Poppies that were in full bloom on the property. Don't they look gorgeous? (See photo above.)

After burgers at a local "Drive-In" we came home and I opened my gifts.

My jewelry-making daughter took this lone vintage earring and turned it into a brooch for me. It SPARKLES!

My 16yr old son made this adorable charm bracelet out of Sculpey clay. He baked all the pieces right under my nose. I never saw a thing. The charms are: a cross, our dog, pepsi logo (I'm addicted), a heart, watermelon (my favorite food) and an ebay logo (I've been selling there since 1995!). His sister put all the charms together on the bracelet. Click the photo so see the details!

I hope to soon have some photos of NEW PLUMBING in the cottage! I have been praying for an affordable plumber and God has supplied him! Yay! We are almost ready for final painting and drywall on Pondicherry!