Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Church Basement Ladies

Last weekend we were blessed to see a really great comedy at our small local playhouse. "Church Basement Ladies" is a hilarious spoof about the going's-on in the kitchen of a Lutheran church set in the 1960's. Being a Lutheran Pastor's wife, I could REALLY relate! It was spot-on truthful and uproariously (is that a word?) FUNNY! Plus, it was rated G all the way. I was a little apprehensive about seeing it, because I know that shows about "religion" can often be disrespectful and abrasive but this one was NOT. I wholly recommend seeing it if it ever comes to your town.

William Christopher plays the Pastor. He was the actor that played "Father Mulcahey" in the M*A*S*H series on TV. The songs were a RIOT, by Drew Jansen who was a writer for Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of our favorite shows. (You can see lots of their shows on YouTube now.)

One scene talks about the Pastor's new wife who sent LASAGNA to a funeral supper! I guess that was taboo...you're supposed to send a casserole/hot dish/covered dish (whatever those mean!). Anyway, it reminded me of my first church potluck a couple of years ago when I brought homemade Spanish rice, something I grew up eating. Well, I brought the entire pot home. It was untouched. Apparently, midwest Lutherans aren't accustomed to Mexican fare...as I've discovered with other attempts at potlucks. I've settled on pasta or "green leaf" salad. They call it "green leaf" salad because when they just say "salad", it's really something other than leaves and almost always includes jello, marshmallows, cool whip or miracle whip.

I want to share with you some of the funny things that happen at the Thrift Store! It is sure a new experience for me to be meeting so many interesting people on a day to day basis! In a glass case at work, there is an antique "Autograph" book. A lady asked me, "What is that?" "It's an Autograph book," I answered. It is emblazoned with the word "AUTOGRAPHS" across the front in gold letters. She still looked confused so, as I took it from the case to show her, I added, "You know...a book that you get autographs in? You ask people to sign it for you?" I handed the book to her..."Ooooh." She finally understood, "You mean, like an Autograph book!" Uh, ya, like I said.....

Another lady came in last week and was browsing through the women's shirts. She came across a T-shirt with the words "TOTAL FLAKE" printed on the front. She looked at it in disdain and said, "WHO would wear THAT?".....She was wearing a ballcap embroidered with the words "SUPER B*TCH" on it. People are funny!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It don't matter if your black or white....

I LOVE little birdies! I just recently started collecting white porcelain birds. A few are in the form of S&P shakers like these little guys below.

Erin over at TheQueenOfClearance posted that they were on sale at Pier 1 for just $3. I went right over the next day and bought this cute little set.

Well, Dollar Tree is right next door to Pier 1 so I had to step inside to see what they had to offer. More BIRDIES! Scarey little black crows for $1 a piece, just in time for Halloween decor!

A blogger posted last year about these little buggers at the Dollar Tree but by the time I got there they were all gone. So this year, I don't feel so bad about buying Halloween stuff in Sept.

I hit a garage sale on the way out of town last wknd (actually made the hubby come to a screeching halt and back up). He gave me all of 5 minutes and I came back in 3! How do you like that! I saw this wreath from the car and nabbed it for a buck, pre-lit and still in the box. It will match my white tree that was a curbside attraction. I may even stick the little black crows in it and use it for Halloween also. What do you think?

I just want to share a few more items that I got at Salvation Army. A GORGEOUSLY soft vintage blanket in excellent condition...satin ribbon edging and lovely yellow and white flower baskets woven through it in a diamond pattern. The backside has the pattern in reverse colors.

I also got a sheet of cute vintage Christmas paper and some pink crepe paper that I will use on my Christmas projects next month.

I also got a darling vintage baby book, still in the original packaging. It is dated 1945 inside, it was never used. The cover is yellow satin with a moire shimmer to it. It says, "Baby's First Diary."

The watercolor illustrations inside are beautiful and make me dream of a by-gone era. Check out these drawings:

"Baby's Treasures, Early Days."

"Two Years Old"
"4th Birthday" & " My Favorite Songs & Stories"

"I'm 6 Now" Summertime!

"School Days" Happy Fall!