Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vintage C & H Sugar Thanksgiving Store Display 1960s

My friend came into the shop a few weeks ago and said, "I'm cleaning out  my basement and found something that might be good for your window display."

She dragged in one of these adorable vintage grocery store displays!

I was smitten in an instant and said, "Uh, that needs to go to my house! I want them all!" and I went to her car and put them all directly in my van! They didn't even get a chance to be displayed at the shop! 

I think they were meant to be hung from the ceiling because the graphics are on both sides and there is a hole at the top for hanging. They are die-cut all the way around the perimeter of the children so that the children could be turned at a right angle to the teepee. That way when it was hung, it could be seen from all angles as it spun in the air. (Does that make sense?)

These are about 6' feet tall with the top attached so they would have made a huge statement hung from the ceiling down the baking aisle at the store along with those ginormous honeycomb pumpkins

The colors are so bright and cheerful!
And the graphics of the children are adorable,
 even if they aren't politically correct in today's world.

The artwork is very familiar to me, like it was possibly done by someone who also worked for Hallmark Cards back in the day. It almost has a Pete Hawley vibe, but not quite exactly.

My friend had stored them in her basement for years and there is some water damage to all of them. :(

These are the separate little pieces that get stuck to the top of each Teepee, like sticks coming out.

Here is where the advertising logo was placed. 

If anyone can identify the artist, I would be thrilled to know. Not sure how I will display these. I may cut away the damaged teepees and just hang the pilgrims and indians. Any suggestions??