Monday, July 28, 2014

A few Thrifting goodies

Every time I get home from Thrifting or G'sale-ing I say to myself' "I'm gonna blog these finds" and then weeks go by and I haven't done it! Well, today's the day. 
This is just the tip of the iceburg. Check out that cool green FEZ! You never know when you'll need a fez!

Its been a pretty good summer for finds. Hubs graciously followed the road signs to a Senior Center sale. It was the 2nd day...Boo. I hate it when I miss the first day. :( But I still found a few holiday goodies and 1/2 price too.
I filled a small box with ornaments and got a suprise when I got home...If you look closely at the wooden Christmas tree above you'll notice a $1 bill tightly rolled and stuck in there! I paid a quarter for the tree AND the dollar. I like when that happens.

This mercury glass cross was really unusual. The Christmas dog wearing the crown was not old, but was too cute to pass up! Plus, it combines my two favorite things: Dogs and Christmas! :)

I got two adorable vintage magnet signs from Goodwill.
 I  usually call it the "Good-won't" or the "BAd-will" because I NEVER find vintage there. And they had them priced at only $2 each! They must have a new mgr.

 I love these cute graphics!

Here is the second one. 

Homework CUTENESS!

I got these "Dick and Jane" alphabet board books for 1/2 price when I was visiting my sister in Escondido. 

There is a book for each letter of the alphabet.

Super cute letter-appropriate graphics on each page!

Each book has 4 "pages" so that means I have almost 100 letters in total. These books will be taken apart to make signs. I can't wait to do it!

Here are some spun head picks. Hubs and I took a day trip to St. Charles and stepped into the most over-priced antique store ever! I reluctantly asked how much these were and after studying them for at least HALF AN HOUR, she said, "A dollar a piece." I bought them because #1: They are so adorable and #2: Laurie over at Magpie Ethel had me jonesing for them. 

See the two little spun heads inside the ornaments? Those only cost me 25c each a week later at the Senior sale. : /

I found these two big-eyed Lee prints on vacation in Wisconsin, $3 ea.

This isn't a very good photo but these vintage animal prints were 25c each at my neighbors g'sale. 11x14 inches of pure smiles, suitable for framing! 

Found these two wonderful bauble bracelets in a bag of kid junk and wore them to church Sunday. They are so fun, they remind me of candy! Huh, well I guess that would make them ARM-candy. :)

Happy Hunting!!