Monday, January 19, 2015

Slim pickins' but found a few gems...

The weather in Mid-Mo is unseasonably warm, like it hit 60 today! So it has been nice to get out and go thrifting (unlike last week when the temp was in single digits. Yuck.) 

One quick stop at Salvation Army netted these nice finds.

This is a bagful of tiny lapel pins with all sorts of vintage Christmas images on them! So cool! Check out the box of Shiny Brites, upper right, and the sliced fruitcake at the very top! :) And all Christmas is still 1/2 off so....75cents.

An old bag of tiny blue rhinestones for crafts and some wicking for candle making. 
.50 ea. 

Cuteness in birthday candles! These graphics look 1950's or older. 3 boxes for $1.25.

Am I weird that I got all misty when I opened up this box and saw 5 burnt candles?? These candles probably graced the sweet cake of some little 5 year old girl in a beautiful party dress and paper crown in the 1950's! least in my mind. *sniff*

Pretty recipe box for a buck fifty. :)

This is the second ornament like this that I've gotten recently. I plan on making more diorama ornaments like this one for family members.

I can never pass up ceramic baby shoes planters. This one was a buck fifty. I found a bunch of vintage SWISSTRAW for crafting. (A mere pittance when compared to Magpie Ethel's recent score!)

This vintage piece is made with Swisstraw. I bought it at a g'sale for $2 last fall. It was mounted on a very heavy board covered with disintegrating burlap. I knew I could do something with it.  

I took it apart and reassembled it for Christmas. I remounted it on foamboard with new burlap. I had wanted to poke Christmas lights from behind but couldn't find a single strand of 10 lights! Anyway, THAT'S what Swisstraw is good for! 

Moving right along.....

Two crafty Valentine girls found at two different thrifts. $1.75 for both.

I paid WAAAY too much for this little chair, but I had to get it for these two girls...

Best friends sharing one chair. They fit perfectly.
I'd been eyeing these two at the antique mall since before Christmas and when they were recently marked down to $4 ea, I bought 'em.

Sometimes you just need to buy something that makes you smile each morning.  :)
love rosie