Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What can you buy with a dime?

Remember the 5 & 10 stores of long ago? When I was a kid we called it the "Dime Store." My kids can't believe we used to pay a dime for a candy bar that was NOT just "fun size." I guess their kids will marvel at the thought of the "Dollar Store." Well, in the little town I currently live in, one thin dime can buy lots of sweetness at the local rummage sales!

Like a sweet little vintage chalkware doggie barely 3" long. He is currently curled up on my bathroom shelf!

A dime will also buy you a beautiful 11" blue vase by California Pottery in satin finish with only a tiny fleabite on the lip!

Or how about a lovely vintage valentine still in it's cellophane wrapper?

Or maybe a pink painted candy dish with tarnished guilding? Or a turquoise jewelry dish? And doesn't EVERYONE need a belt and buckle for "MIKE"?

Happy Hunting!~

1 comment:

pastor pete said...

all i want to know is -
who's "mike" ?!?