Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Those of you who know me, know that I am CRAZY for garage sales! The following pictures are from the opening weekend of the garage sale season. The buys were incredible. I usually limit myself to $20 max per excursion, unless there is a wonderful big-ticket item that I fall in love with, in which case I'll spend the next couple of week's allotment if I have to. (But then I have to stay home the next couple of weekends! Boo!) Well, the you see in this photo cost me no more than $20 TOTAL and I even came home with a bit of change in my pocket! (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

The priciest piece was the 3-tier what-not shelf at a whopping $5. There are 3 copper buckets that fit in 3 holes on the bottom shelf, for plants I think.

The old market scale was $3, lamp .50, tin toy $1, spool .10.

I got 2 sets of vintage lemonade pitchers with matching glasses for $1.25 each. All the nic-nacks were .05-.25 each.

Vintage golf purse, $1. Pastel cottage painting, .25. Lot of vintage ribbons and hankies, .25.

Awesome leather cowgirl boots (a perfect fit!) $2.00! And a gorgeous, vintage plaid taffeta prom dress with crinoline, .50!

Large paint-by-number hunting scene, .50. Silver-toned floor lamp with marble base, $2. Large silverplate compote, .75. Rusted blue metal childs garden chair, .50.

A week of garage sale-ing with my beautiful mother.....PRICELESS!!!!


Teena said...

Yes, Doctor, she's a hopeless case! But my goodness that girl can spot a bargain!!
Mum looks a bit unsure about it all!! That's good sign. Nothing worse than going looking for treasures with someone who likes all the same things as you're after! Thank-you for sharing - I feel much better about my hoards now! t.x

pastor pete said...

you are the original junk gypsy

Marlayna said...

mother, you're amazing! working weekends sure does put a kink in my garage sale hunting training...found an amazing little 'junk' store a few blocks from my gotta check it out...filled to the brim with stuff...i'm talking stuffed like grandma's can't even get to all the treasures in there...well, i mean, i bet YOU could :) love you, keep up the incredible work!