Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Decorations 2014

I collect vintage baby planters and alot of them tend to be lambs. So I have a collection of lambs. It was an accident. I didn't mean to have a collection of lamb planters, it just happened. So it fits to display them at Easter.

This planter is actually FOR Easter. I like that.

I have a few of this type of lamb. But one of my favs is the little duck under an umbrella. 
He makes me smile. :)

I bought that turquoise deer around Christmas. I know he's got nothing to do with Easter, but he looks so relaxed among the lamby-pies, doesn't he?

Here is an old tin rabbit and cart carrying...Baby Jesus??? Christmas seems to sneak in to all my decor, no matter what the season. 

( this egg-covered Christmas tree...)

This cute duck is two syrofoam balls in a nylon sock! So clever, I want to try making one of my own.  It has a Japan sticker on the bottom.

Last fall I got this great corner cabinet at a g-sale for $20. 

Its perfect for displays.

Now if only my displays were "perfect."

I almost left this crafty styrofoam bunny at the rummage sale but 
I was smitten with his plaid vest.

Here are my dogs in the 1970's trying to get to my Easter basket! :)

This is a child's purse.

Vintage crafty styrofoam egg.

This is the only beaded egg I've ever found. It is so pretty! I am on the look out for more!

I'm not sure but I think this glittered egg is a Christmas ornament.

Left to right: A chalkware chick, a plastic rattle rooster, a chenille and pom duck and a spun cotton chick (MY FAV!) breaking out of his pink shell!

Check this out! A real live (dead) taxidermied CHICK! I got this in a lot of other vintage Easter decorations in a shoebox. I love him even though its kinda twisted to think he gave up his life to become a symbol of new life...Ugh.   :(

What's cuter than flocked styrofoam chicks wearing party hats??? I love the satin ball bunny peeking over from behind them.

You can't see this very well but its a 1960's hat covered with velvet millinery posies! :)

I hope you had tons of fun this Easter with lots of blessings besides! 


The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG that is the most amazing collection...I loved and poured over every picture! You and your dogs....adorable and $20 for that stole it girlfriend lol!


Patti said...

Oh my! I am in love with this post! Everything is just adorable! I have lots of lambs, too - and my collection was an accident, too! But now, I adore my little lambs. Your collections are amazing!

Pete Lange said...

u got it goin on girl

Melissa said...

Holy cow! Your collection is fantastic and so beautifully displayed. I hope you and your family had a nice Easter.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, I love the vintage planter collection. You might have inspired me to look for some myself...darn you!