Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Work done!

We spent the weekend doing more painting and papering at the cottage. Take a look at our progress!

Before: Mustard & Plum walls with peel and stick tiles on the floor (AND on the backsplash!)

After: New floors installed, wainscot primed and a .25 cent roll of pink vintage wallpaper covers the upper half. We still need final paint, backsplash, tile countertops and sink but we are making progress!
Before: Another angle
After: That little place on the wall where it juts out is an enclosed chimney. It would have been used to vent a wood burning stove.

Before: Blood-red living room, looking into bedroom.

After: Creamy butter Yellow with white trim. I had to mix the final color myself ! When it comes to yellow, I always pick out the wrong shade and then have to tone it down.

Before: Looking into the tan bedroom. Note the lovely mattress on the floor and the wolf-print blanket over the window.

After: Painting in progress

Another "before" of the same room. This was taken AFTER the tenents moved out. There was trash GALORE to dump!

It's hard to see the pretty blue color but it is Laura Ashely's Pale Sapphire #1. I wanted to throw this pic in because I almost decided to keep the brown trim color. It went well with the blue but the look was too modern. In another house it would have been fine, but I finally opted for the clean look of the white trim.

Before: Inside the bedroom looking out toward the main room.

After: Same room, different color.

My SLAVE labor! :) They are hard workers and never complain! All they ask is for dinner at Lehman's, the Mennonite restaurant down the road. And I am always happy to oblige.


pastor pete said...

looks great rosie!

it won't be long now until it makes the pages of one of your Better Homes and Country Living magazines

Anonymous said...

Rosie, everything is looking great. You are working so hard but it will be so worth it. Keep showing us those pics.



Hi Rosie,
I just found your blog on For The Love of Cottage~LeAnn. You are doing a great job and I can't wait to see it all put together!


Hello Rosie,
So very Happy to meet you and I think we will be good friends :)
I read all your posts and you sure have your hands full! I wish you well and can't wait to see each step on the way to a beautiful cottage :)
Just love all your deals, and I do mean Great deals..I don't think I've seen anything for 10 cents at a garage sale here. 25 cents is the cheapest :) I'm adding you to my Great Gals blogs cause I think you are pretty great. Stay in touch.
Warmly, Deb :)