Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Cloud has a SILVER Lining!

Things are looking Up (on the ROOF)!

Yes! The rain continues BUT we DO have new roof, praise the Lord!

From THIS...

to THIS! :)

Isn't it lovely! Click on it for a larger view. After three months of rain and waiting, I hired someone else to finish the job that Brian the roofer refused to do. (The house is less than 900 square feet... 3 months? Please!) The second roofer did the job in 2 days, one in the pouring rain! Brian badgered me with phone calls accusing me of stealing his tools (none were left at the job) and making a multitude of threats including one of personal injury..."A guy did this to me last year and...well...he's still in the hospital." We have hired a lawyer to set our minds at ease and have since found out that Brian is a criminal with a laundry list of felonies....Thank God we haven't heard back from him in a while!

Well, this week the kids and I did some more painting, fixed a little of the CRAPPY drywall jobs done by the previous owner and worked in the kitchen. Here is Eva pulling up yucky "peel 'n stick" tiles in the kitchen. STICKY!

Here is Ben working on pulling our staples along the perimeter. Also, here he is working to remove the old stainless steel sink.

While pulling of the old flooring we found an old newspaper shoved into a crack dated 1943.

Yesterday, my fix-it guy laid new subfloor which I am planning to paint over as soon a we finish more of the demo. So things ARE looking up! Plus, my POPPIES are in bloom!


randi---i have to say said...

I am glad your roof is done! It was a good idea to just get someone new. The old guy was obviously a jerk!

pastor pete said...

Wow - looks like you've got some good kids. Great workers, too!