Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update on Kelsey, my Golden Retriever

Look at this sweet old girl! Isn't she the cutest? 4 weeks ago she was stumbling around the backyard and couldn't see straight due to her stroke but now she is doing very well! She can even run after the tennis ball again! Do you see how her head is cocked in the picture? That's about the only symptom she still has from the stroke but the vet says even that will go away. :) I am so thankful that God answered my prayers and saw fit to heal her. Kelsey will be 14 in November.

Now that I've been working, it's been harder than ever to keep up with posting. My goal is to post to the blog at least once a week. Just so you know what keeps me busy during the week I thought maybe you'd like a tour of the thrift store I am now managing.

It's a small store so this won't take long....

Well...that about does it.

You can see that's its mostly clothing but we do get some nice housewares in, and occasionally some nice vintage items. All the profits from this shop go to support our local food pantry located in the same bldg. I had a couple with a baby come in today who said they had $4 and nothing else. They were put out of their home and unable to take their belongings (??? I don't ask questions...I'm just there to try and help...) So we were able to set them up with a few items for the kitchen (they just moved into a small trailer that someone loaned them...), bedroom and bath, some food and some fuel for the truck. God has been SOOOO good to me and my family that I can only try to do the same for others.

My two teenagers came to help me at the shop last week. I heard hysterical laughter coming from the "sorting" room where they were working and this is what I found:

The both of them in a very large pair of mens shorts that had been donated....My kids can find entertainment ANYWHERE!

On a side are a few goodies picked up for a buck each at GW and a recent G-sale. Aren't the bunnies cute? The vintage napkins have never been opened. The candlestick is made of that translucent vaseline glass and the two creamers are like new, from "Two's Company."
How are the sales in your area...winding down like mine?



Hi Rosie!!!
I love when you come and visit me :)
Yes...I did remember it's his Golden Birthday and I should have thought of a gold pick and kisses!!
Love your new finds, bunnies are always fun to buy and glad to see your kids have fun at "work".
Glad your "kelsey" is better. It's not always fun when they get old...
Have a great weekend and I look forward to your next post.
I bet you see "many things" at work.
Deb :)

The Queen of Clearance said...

you manage a thrift store?? I would go broke if I worked at a thrift store! lol. Great finds, and your kids are too funny. So glad your dog is doing better!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Rosie~have missed you. Your dog is so cute. You should probably keep the kids too for entertainment purposes! My house is a lot like yours!

Emily said...

So glad your pup is doing well!!! And that's a lovely little thrift store you manage. :)