Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Celebration & Cottage Update

Well, I celebrated my 48th birthday on Tuesday and the best present of all was that my mom was here to help me celebrate! I hadn't seen her since April so I was REALLY happy to have her here for almost 2 weeks!

We had a very full day, doing our favorite things...garage sailing, thrift shopping, lunching...then to my son's soccer game that evening. After the game, my sweet in-laws treated us to dinner at our favorite Chinese place, The Mine Garden. It's actually call The Jasmine Garden, but the lightbulbs behind the "J-A-S" have been burned out for quite some time now, so it's the "***MINE Garden."

That's my husband on the end pretending to be disinterested and playing games on his phone...I think he pretending...

Check out my beautiful flowers from my in-laws. They remembered that my favorite flowers are anything orange.

Well, my mom hadn't seen the cottage in a long time so she REALLY wanted to see it before she left for home. Here are some current pics of our work. (The bathroom is still a no pics of it.)

Mom enjoying the view from the porch. That walkway was completely hidden under sod until my hardworking son uncovered the entire thing.

Mom in the bedroom.

Mom modeling my circa 1960's fridge with pink interior.

Mom pretending to do housework...(she doesn't really know her way around a kitchen but can definitely find a microwave!)

Mom lounging on my $10 sofa that clashes magnificently with the green walls. I used a Pale Apple from Laura Ashley but it just wasn't pale enough. It turned out pretty lime-y. I will repaint the room but, right now, that is waaay at the bottom of the to-do list. The red sofa will be permanently moved to the yellow living room when that room is finished.

Here is the living room. I LOVE this pale yellow color. I had to mix it myself and have since had much trouble in matching it, even with the photo-technology at the paint stores! Green room is to the left, pink kitchen to the right, I am taking the photo from the front door...See, I told you it was a tiny house! That cottage painting behind my mom willl hang in the living room. The chandelier on the stool will go in the green room. Check out that vintage crib leaning against the wall on the left. That was also a curbside attraction at the same place I picked up the antique door (see kitchen photo above.) I love the bunny/teddy bear/ giraffe decals. So adorable! I haven't decided what to do with it yet, but it will definately be a piece somewhere in the cottage.

Above is a view into the green room from the yellow room. The sun was really shining nicely through the stained glass. Here is mom sitting in the corner on my ratty old pink chair that I dragged all the way from Kansas. It is a bit rickety but I love it!

I had a great birthday! I have some more photos of our g-sale finds but I will post those tomorrow. Thanks for reading!



Fawn@Party of Five said...

I love the pictures! I even love the red couch :)

adam said...

You have an adorable home, like a vintage doll house!


It's so sweet that your Mom modeled for the photos of your cottage... :)
Glad you had a great visit with your Mom.
Deb :)

Emily said...

Happy belated birthday!!! I am loving your cottage... especially the kitchen!!!! The cabinets are great!!


Marlayna said...

Wish I could have been there mom, the mine garden sounds heavenly :)
The cottage looks magnificent by the way...grandma is too darn cute!