Monday, October 12, 2009

Time for Halloween!

It's time once again to drag out my Halloween decorations! I have 3 big tubs full of stuff but this year I decided to pare it down and use only about 1/3rd of it. (Less clean-up time!)

I found some plastic gold frames that once held mirrors. After spraying them black they provide the perfect spookiness for framing a couple of my skeletons. One is vintage Beistle, the other is Mexican tin.

The candelabra I got this summer with the intention of spraying it white. I'm glad I left it black. It's just right for Halloween. I'm using my leftover orange candles from last year because I can't find true-orange candles ANYWHERE. I looked at every store and can only find shades of autumn-orange. I want Candy Corn orange! But I DID find some nice BLACK ones, 4 for a dollar. Can't beat that.

These are some little Halloween Cat pins that I made. I just got those wooden 1/2 spheres that come in a baggie at Hobby Lobby,painted them black then painted the faces on them with a really tiny brush. I used green sequins for the eyes and glued them on; glued felt triangle ears to the back; then hot-glued a pin clasp to the back, too. Viola! Kute kitty!

I made a few pumpkin face pins too but they didn't turn out as cute. I have some great vintage chenille stems that would make nice bodies for the pumpkins. Maybe I will put attach the heads and hang them on my Halloween tree. Hmmm.

This is my dog, Pudd, trying on her Halloween costume. She is going as "Where's Waldo." Ha!
What are YOU going as?


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, great decorations! And the little cat pins are fabbo. We had a Where's Waldo Day at work once where everyone wore striped shirts--your dog would fit right in!!


Hi Rosie,
Looking good for Halloween :)
YOur little cats are cute!!
Love the oragne and white sweater your puppy is wearing. Jackson Brown has a blue sweater that he isn't fond of.
It snowed here...not ready for that.
Deb :)

~~Carol~~ said...

Your decorations are SO cute!! I especially love that cowboy skeleton! And your kitties are adorable too. Such a great idea, using those spheres. Wish I had that kind of imagination!

Emily said...

Great decorations! Your doggie is sooo sweet curled up like that!!


!!The Obnoxious SAHM!! said...

cool stuff! I love it ... where's waldo! LOL

Susie's country cottage said...

Great decorations. It looks very 'day of the dead'! I am going to a Halloween party this year and am going as a original is that?!

Lindy said...

Oh my goodness, your Halloween decorations are so... macabre. Love the pins - both the cats and the pumpkins. They would look cute as tree ornaments. You are very talented.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Well the dog sure looks cozy! I love the pins you made, so darn cute!
p.s. of course I drank the wine...just not all at once in the morning!