Friday, July 30, 2010

1 dollar bargains or How to Make a Crown from a Wastebasket!

I REALLY hope you have a Hy-Vee grocery store in your area. They have the BEST deals! I was there today and got a rotisserie chicken (for my son's lunch...he is a GROWING boy!) for just $3.99. Also there was a clerk in the store standing behind a hula-skirted tahitian bar hocking fresh Margaritas for $4 a that's my kinda store!

Anyway, last week they had their Million Roses Sale. Beautiful long stemmed roses for $6 a doz or .50 apiece! I got them in every color of the rainbow. (Orange is my favorite.) What a terrific deal!

My next bargain I found directly in my own thrift shop (the one I manage.) The ladies who take-over when I have a day off put out this basket of vintage baby shoes for .50 a pair! I bought the whole lot of seven pairs! They are soooo adorable!! But PLEASE! Someone tell me what to create with them! I found one idea on line for a pin cushion but I want to do more! AND it must include Glitter!

Check out this Mermaid Crown! Okay, it wasn't a dollar but $2.00 still qualifies as a bargain. It's really just a floral spray with beads and shells but fashion it into a loop and it is the perfect mermaid crown! It decorates the framed print of Torrey Pines Beach that I recently purchased in San Diego. (ps-This is NOT the wastebasket crown...keep scrolling).

Here is my $1 Queen of Hearts Crown (and the King of Hearts Crown, too.)

My kids were recently in a production of Alice in Wonderland and I volunteered to make the crowns. (I actually had to beg to do it because it was supposed to be student-run ONLY!) Anyway, I saw the black wire wastebasket at Dollar Tree and inspiration HIT!

The king's crown was made from two .50 candle holders that I took apart and glued together. I used red glitter fun-foam for the hearts, fat chenille, red boa, and red ribbon to embellish so they really cost more than $1, but that's the price they started at.

Here are the Queen of Hearts, the King of Hearts and the Naive of Hearts. My son was the king.

My daughter was the Cheshire Cat. All the kids did a wonderful, professional job! The director was just 16 years old! He has a great career ahead of him!

Please send me your ideas for the baby shoes. I know there are some very creative bloggers out there!

Have a great weekend,



Hi Rosie,
The crowns are/were perfect for the play! You are very creative!
Thoughts for the darling baby shoes:
pin keep
vase...put a small shot glass inside and then decorate
flower arrangement
that's all I can think of. Did you google it???
Have fun and looking forward to seeing what you do with them!
No grocery store like that around here. Lovely roses.
deb :)

Kathy said...

Hi Rosie! As usual, I love your finds! I've seen the baby shoes filled with dried flowers and little bits. I'm with Deb, Google it.

Kathy said...

I knew I saw this somewhere, today I found it! Hope it helps....

Michelle Rayburn said...

I love your blog! I got the address for your website from Mary when I spoke for a women's event. I mentioned my trash to treasure blog and showed some ideas and she said I had to see your blog. She was right!


Haylie said...

Hi Rosie,
My name is Haylie and I absolutely loved your heart crowns! I was wondering if you could help me. I am a Senior in high school, and at every pep-rally seniors wear decorated Burger King crowns. Unfortunately, BK has run out and now I'm left to be creative. My school is the Milton Panthers and our colors are Black and Gold. Any ideas?