Thursday, September 24, 2015

A $3 metal dollhouse

I got this great 50's-60's tin doll house a couple weeks ago. 

It has beautiful graphics!

Just look at that nursery! 

Big graphics on the floor. 

Ducks and bunnies on the walls.

And did I mention the price??

Dining room with sweet washing maids on the cupboard doors.

And an oriel peeping in the window.

Vintage radio, phone and clock.

Yellow bathroom that I wish was pink, of course.

Master bedroom.

This is the kitchen decorated in orange...

but I'll bet it was originally red and has faded. 

My Hubs would love this room in his favorite color...

golf course green.

Detail of a "hooked" rug in the bedroom.

Inviting front door. (Excuse the weeds.)

Pretty bushes (more weeds, mower must be broken.)

Upstairs patio.

And a faithful family pet enjoying the sunshine outside. :)
Have a great weekend! 


Shara said...

It's PERFECT! What an amazing price too! Yay!


That is so cute and what a deal! Thanks for visiting me!

Charlotte Huffman said...

What a great find! I remember playing with one of these!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great find, I loved the tour of your "Tiny" house and the dog outside the window made me laugh!


onoyoudont said...

I think that's the house I was evicted from at age 7. Moved on to a horse stable!