Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to make no-sew fortune cookies

Don't these look good enough to eat???


...I have to show you these incredible flowers that my sweet friend Glennette gave me. She came into my shop and told me she had all these "puff balls" in her yard, did I know what kind of flower they were. Then she used the word "snow ball" and I knew what she had! Next day I went over to her house to GET SOME! Aren't they beautiful? I took them to work today and everyone had to touch them and ask "Are these REAL?"

On to the How-To:

I found some skirts at the thrift store that had some nice colors and patterns. I cut them into manageable pieces.

Paired them up into contrasting colors and sandwiched a piece of fusible webbing between them (right-sides out). Ironed it.

I cut 3 1/4" circles from freezer paper and ironed them to the fabric.

The circle pattern facilitates cutting out the fabric.

I peeled off the paper, cut a smidge of fusible webbing to tack the edges together at one side.

I ironed it closed.

Here are my various fabric circles. (Please note these cookies have patterned fabric on both sides. The photo at the top of this post shows cookies with only the inside of the cookie having patterned fabric.)

I folded them into the fortune cookie shape and painted it with glue. I used toothpicks wrapped with a rubberband to hold them together while they dried.

I let them dry over night.

Hubs and kids brainstormed for these original fortunes. I printed them out on the computer and cut them into strips. (click photo for bigger view...)

When the cookies were dry, I stuffed the folded fortunes inside. I can't wait to hand them out to my sisters!

One last thing...Here are the invites I made for my upcoming "Sister's Party" that I am planning during my vacation next week. I am heading out to the beach to visit my family in San Diego. But I will have plenty to blog about when I return in 2 weeks! See you later!


Kathy said...

Your cookies are too cute! My favorite fortune (and my kids ask every time we eat Chinese) is "Help, I'm trapped in a Fortune Cookie!". Hope you have a great party with your sisters!!!!

Maree said...

Thank you ever so much for posting these adorable fortune cookies!

My daughter is hosting an anniversary reunion this weekend for a group of parents that traveled to China to adopt their daughters five years ago. I'm making these tomorrow!

So happy I checked my blog roll today...thanks again!

Lisa Loria said...

Those are adorable!!!
Love your mermaid invites too!
Hope you had fun!