Wednesday, October 8, 2014

the thrifting god smiles upon me

After purchasing an MCM desk and swivel chair (will post pics later), I half-promised that I was done spending $ on myself for the month. But for Pete's sake! It's only the 8th!

So I pulled in for a quick look at the thrift store and it took me all of 5 mins to find this swag lamp! I cleaned it up and it is just beautiful. It is white spun fiberglass. And the best part? It cost $2. That's within my budget! :)

Look at that sheen! I had to bleach it from it's 50 yr old dinge. (That nice starburst clock I got about 10 years ago for $3. But it took about 7 yrs to find a key to wind it!) 

On another note...Have you seen these retro"lucite" chairs at HomeGoods??

I want one of these for my new desk! But $129 is NOT within my budget! Maybe if I'm a really good girl, Santa will bring me one for Christmas. And Christmas IS just around the corner, right? 

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