Monday, March 31, 2008

I am NOT singing in the rain

"That's the last of the animals,
Noah. Get in."
Could it rain any MORE? I've counted and it seems like WAAAY over 40 days! Brian the roofer was supposed to start on the 17th. Well, it is now the 31st and we have had 2 straight weeks of rain. You've probably heard about the midwest flooding on the news...Iy, iy, iy!

I'm really trying not to stress about this (and the fact that Brian already has my $$$$) but every now and then I get a phone call from neighbor/handy-man Derrell giving me an update on the current state of Pondicherry. It seems that there is very poor drainage around the cottage which has no gutters at this point and the leaky porch is still ...well....leaking. Roofer Brian says the ground is so saturated that he can't get a dumpster on the grounds without it sinking into the mud (EMPTY, even!). Git me my rubbers!

Go ahead, chide me. The kids and hubby have already acknowledged how appropriately I named the cottage. "POND-i-cherry." Yeah, but you will notice the CHERRY part. And when I am done with it, it WILL be cherry! :) Only I don't like to think about the pit......

Well, the GOOD points are these- a)Pondicherry is NOT underwater b)it is really God's little house and He is the one sending the rain, so He knows what He's doing c)I still have money for paint.

Oh, and one more REALLY good thing! My 84yr old Uncle Paul made sweet little corbels for me to put on the new porch when it gets built! He is a master woodcrafter!

Well, FEAR NOT! This too, shall pass, and soon I will have a nice dry summer in which to work!
"Thanks, but we ordered Merlot..."


Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Oh poor you and the rain!! Sorry to be so late checking back with issues!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie,
So nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry about all the rain but I adore your cottage. Please come by anytime. I have added you to my favs.

LeAnn :)