Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Crafts and Cookies

This is the current state of my craft table and I haven't even started ONE thing! But today is the day! All the other Christmas chores are done and I am free to let my imagination roam.

I got a few vintage style bottle brush trees from KD Designs and plan to embellish them for boxtop scenes.

I was so inspired by the sugar-coated creations made by j.nichelle on ebay that I had to try my hand at it myself! You wouldn't believe how talented that lady is!

My vintage junk awaits.

My daughter is also working on quite a few projects. Here is her work table. Unlike myself, she has completed many necklaces (for gifts) and is close to finishing a beaded mini Christmas tree and a gorgeous tree made out of vintage pins and brooches!
One thing I have accomplished is my cookie baking.

Every year I make rollout sugar cookies. It's the best recipe from Wilton that requires no chilling. but I don't add almond flavoring to mine.

This year I only made boys, trees, snowflakes and a few retreivers for my dog-lover friends.....
Well, I'm off to start my crafts. I probably won't be finished before Christmas but better late than never. Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas!


Priscila said...

oh i love ur blog! Everything is sooo cute! love the bottle brush trees!

Priscila said...

i want some of everything u have on ur craft table! It is full of lovelies...hehe

Shanda said...

I love the green botle brush tress I saw embellished in Tenderheart. I wanted to make my own also but couldn't find the trees. I love the necklace, brooch and bead tree your daughter made. I am on the look out for such materials when the garage sales start up again. I will be free to go everyday this year if I want. You are such an inspiration to me here, you are always doing such good things.