Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thrift store & G-sale finds

Do you find that when life happens, it's hard to keep up with blogging?

Last weekend, a fellow homeschooling family lost their Daddy. We attended the funeral today. Such a sad time. He was only 33 and leaves behind a sweet wife and 3 kids. Please keep them in your prayers.

Also, this week we had a scare with our oldest Golden Retriever, Kelsey. (See sidebar addition). She had a stroke overnight and couldn't walk straight. She bumped into walls like a drunken sailor! I was beside myself! She stayed at the vet all day for testing but was able to come home. The vet said she would come out of it within 30days. That was 3 days ago and she has already improved to the point she can make the one step down to the patio from the house and her nystagmus (eye-bounce) has slowed considerably. God is good.

On a more happy note...I started my new job running a local Thrift Store! Too much fun! But it's also a lot of work! Here are some of my recent finds:

Pink sugar and creamer that match my pink dinnerware perfectly! Marked "1966" on the bottom. $1 for the set.

Crazy wall clock! I saw one just like it on ebay in it's original goldtone finish. Someone has painstakingly painted this one green with blue, yellow and pink flowers. It is now hanging in the cottage livingroom. My husband believes that the $2 tag was overpriced....

Two vintage rose flat sheets with scalloped edges $2. They are not the best quality so I will probably make them into curtains.

Green collander, .25. Vintage drinking glasses, .25 each. (Check out the doggies on the tall one!) Covered sugar, .10. Blue glass candy dish, .50.

You will either LOVE or HATE this item. I paid .75 for it at a garage sale and even when I bought it I thought..."What the heck am I DOING with this??" It is a printed fabric (18"x24"), kinda like bark cloth, that has been embellished with glitter and framed. WHAT? It is sooo crazy but it sparkles like the Hope Diamond so what's a Magpie, like me, to do? Plus all the glittered parts are in PINK, blue and green. I painted the frame from black to white. Click on the photo for a detailed view of it's audacity!

Here is a cute mock-quilt that my co-worker was going to toss out because of stains. I gave it a good washing and it is as good as new. Plus, it has all my pastel colors in it. Free.

These are the only 2 items I picked up on vacation in Colorado. The pretty box is from the Lang Co. by Susan A. Winget. The ceramic partridge will add nicely to my white bird collection.

It is vintage, made in Japan.

Here is a very fun find. It was a curbside attraction and I intend to replace the window and use it in the cottage in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Door details.

Original door knob. They don't make 'em like that any more!
Hope you all have a nice weekend and keep cool. It's in the 90's here! Please also pray for our dear friends who lost their husband and father so suddenly. Don't forget to tell your family members EVERY day how much you love them!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie...followed a link from Melissa at the Old Painted Cottage. What a lovely blog...a girl after my own heart... Goldens and the lover of all things old.
Glad your dear girl is doing better. Our dear Golden Buddy passed away last Feb. The vet thinks perhaps a stroke ....just couldn't get up. After a week of wonderful vet care we let him cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Honestly the hardest thing i have ever done. After a few months we decided to add another member to our family. On the 4TH of July we adopted Baxter a full of love and life Golden. He was a rescue from Golden Endings. You know a house just doesn't seem like a home without a dog at your feet.
Going to read some of your past blog entries later tonight.

Emily said...

Hi Rosie!! Great finds! I love the vintage swanky swigs...what a great price!! The door you got is awesome!!